Thursday, August 23, 2012

Envelope ...Good and Bad

So we had an invite 'catastrophe'. Some, actually most, of the invites we mailed out needed extra postage probably because of our cute 'eat me' mints made the envelope thicker than normal and/or maybe because I glued adorable printed pictures to the envelopes. Mod Podge (glue) is heavy stuff! lol.

We mailed them in a rush with uneasy feelings in the first place over not including a return address on the envelope. We are hearing that many of the envelopes upon arrival were stamped postage due but I haven't yet heard of anyone actually needing to pay the extra postage. The lady at the post office said sometimes they don't mess with it and just want to get it delivered because they have so much returnable mail anyway, It sounded like since these don't have a return address they just forward them on through but if they had a return address we would have gotten them all back. Thank the Red Queen we didn't get them all back. That's GOOD, no great. I can't handle that kind of re-do project. I'm up to my eyes in projects. (You bet I would have redone all of those envelopes so it didn't read return to sender with a big wagging shameful pointing finger!) So if you had to pay extra postage I'm truly sorry and I'd rather not know so I don't have to be embarrassed anymore than I already am. :) Graciously I've mostly heard people telling us how cute they are and not much about the postage! ;) So it didn't turn out to be a catastrophe, but rather a memory and lesson learned. Now if that's the worst thing that goes wrong we'll be in awesome shape. I think there are still a few invites that need to be mailed. Yikes.

I feel like this TOTALLY adds to the unpredictability of Wonderland! What happens will happen and what won't just won't...

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