Monday, August 20, 2012

Paper Mache

I was just working outside on the big paper mache project for Charlotte's party. It's going to be an animal. I just haven't said what animal yet. 

This week Charlotte is going to a summer dance and afterwards having a couple of friends over for the night. In the morning we will work on some decorations! So I better make sure I have some some supplies. Im not going to is crazy busy! 

The chickens wanted a flour-goop snack

I'm going to be honest, I have no idea if this thing we are making is really going to turn out. I have high, high hopes though and a tiny bit of nervousness. You can kinda see what we are using as our's a Halloween decoration. LOL. 

It's Frankie all stuffed and tied up:
This is one of the weirdest projects I've ever thought I could pull off. 

In other news: thank goodness the invites will go out tomorrow. Thank goodness! I'm so tired and busy! 

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