Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Walrus & The Carpenter Oyster Bar

One month before the big party I started a craft adventure with my kids. We used an old Frankenstein decoration as our base and started on a paper mache project in hopes it would produce a jumbo walrus. Later Charlotte's friends joined in on the project.

A few family members (raw oyster lovers) and I desperately wanted an oyster bar at this fabulous party. We checked out the best seafood market in our city and found it entirely possible to have super fresh, great quality oysters. I talked to my dad about this, he was totally on board, but we both decided we  needed  a walrus. My dad asked me if we could rent one from Sea World. LOL. I told him I think we have to make one. :)

I took this on as a special project and I really didn't think it would turn out as fun, rewarding and awesome as it did. I LOVE the walrus and this was such a hit.

We decorated around him with oyster shells (Duh... we *just* had to sample them first! Yum -they were amazing), pearls, part of the poem, and a crab. For the backdrop we used fabric and strung sand shovels to add to the beach theme. The walrus's tusks are 'ear candles'. The eyes we used from a stuffed animal, and the mustache -we stole fur from a werewolf decoration we have. So not one but TWO Halloween decorations helped us create a walrus! lol. I found this jumbo fake cigar complete with ember and ash at the Dollar Tree. What a lucky find that was. It completed his look. A regular cigar really would have been too small.I had everything on hand except the 'toy' cigar and bow tie. I think the walrus cost $3.00 to make.
This isn't the best quality photo, but it's the only one I kind find to show the carpenter I painted.
I sat up late a week before the party and wished I could draw an oyster. With the help of a picture online I managed to paint the swirls, colors, shapes and shading to create one. I don't think I could do it again! Charlotte and I were so very pleased with the results!
Charlotte's dad and I found him this hat the day before the party! It was such luck.

Read the Lewis Carroll Poem here
See the Disney movie segment here 
Below is a photo of the Disney version of the walrus

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